“I am a Physical Therapist with many years experience in adult rehabilitation. Because my work is physically demanding and because I know that it is possible to defy many of the negative consequences of aging in this society, I have chosen to work with a personal trainer.

I have chosen, in particular, to work with Jarrett Hahn for many reasons. Beside the fact that he is a genuinely nice and caring guy, I have found him to be thoroughly knowledgeable about anatomy and movement science as well as nutrition as it relates to weight loss and athletic performance. He reads broadly and keeps up with new developments in the research.

My goals in working with a trainer were to improve my strength, endurance, posture, balance and flexibility. Jarrett has developed a program that addresses all these things using proven principles of exercise. I have worked hard, made consistent progress, and because Jarrett is attentive to correct form for any activity, I have not experienced any strains or injuries.

I do have one shoulder with recurrent pain and slightly limited flexibility and he has been careful not to aggravate this while working consistently toward symmetry with the other shoulder.

My training sessions are varied, focused, no time wasted, and fun.
I’m usually surprised when the time is up!”

-Lori Lawrence


“I have been working with Jarrett since January 2014. He has never wavered in his dedication to helping me achieve the results I want. From the moment we met, he was laser focused on my personal goals, my individual challenges and improving my overall wellness. I felt that my initial assessment was less than promising, but Jarrett assured me that within a few short weeks I would see marked improvement. He wasn’t kidding. As my fitness improved, it became clear that I needed to pay attention to my food intake. Jarrett and I began nutrition consultations, and he taught me about monitoring my intake of certain foods and paying attention to my energy levels throughout the day. After the first two weeks, I saw significant results. Since that time, the results have just kept coming. Each week, Jarrett and I discuss my food intake and modify my eating habits to avoid plateaus. He has given me an entirely new perspective on nutrition. Also, Jarrett periodically completes measurements of my body, providing me with detailed information about my body fat compared to my lean muscle mass. I finally understand that success can’t always be measured on a scale. He has helped me select the appropriate supplements to enhance my energy levels, and he has never made me feel ashamed about slipping up once in a while. Moreover, he has taught me the benefits of weight training and interval training. Each workout is different, so not only am I engaged, but my body is working different muscles in each session. I do the work, but Jarrett makes sure that I am doing it properly – reminding me constantly about proper form and making sure I don’t get injured. His reassurance gives me confidence that I am completing exercises the way they are meant to be done. I cannot emphasize how much I appreciate Jarrett’s assistance and how much I value his knowledge and commitment. I truly feel that, with Jarrett, I have a partner in my journey, not just a personal trainer.”

Steph L

Jarrett has been my trainer for the past 3 ½ years – my fourth trainer – and what distinguishes him from the others is his professionalism, knowledge and commitment to training.

Since training with Jarrett, I have challenged myself in ways I never would have anticipated.  He motivated me to incorporate a 3rd day of training on my own by customizing a personalized workout that is both demanding and yet, achievable.  Similarly, he has supported changes in my diet by developing a plan that works with my lifestyle and eating habits.  As a result, I have been able to maintain a weight and fitness level I am comfortable with and more importantly, proud of.

However, it should be noted that Jarrett does not belong to the coddling variety of trainers many people are familiar with.  While he responds to my periodic physical ailments such as a sprained wrist, he pushes me through my complaints and whining, understanding the difference between true pain and laziness. He stands by his beliefs, which support a healthy lifestyle and don’t change based on the latest fads and popular trends.  He remains steadfast to time-tested and researched-based ideas about fitness and diet. 

Overall, I believe Jarrett is a great trainer whom I would recommend to anyone, regardless of current fitness level. He understands the one-size-fits-all model of training often promoted in popular magazines and articles is ineffective and will adapt to his client’s varied and unique strengths and needs.



“I’ve been working with Jarrett for almost 3 months and have seen great results in that time. Jarrett is educated and passionate about fitness and nutrition and it shows through in every session. His easy going, friendly personality creates a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. He makes each workout challenging and creative and places a high value on correct form with each exercise. My strength, balance and flexibility have improved and my body fat percentage has decreased significantly. He’s one of the best I’ve worked with and would recommend him hands down.”

-Leslie D

“Hands down, Jarrett is the best trainer I have ever worked with. I’m an athlete, with a lot of injuries from years spent playing sports and dancing, I therefore have a fair amount of physical limitations. Jarrett didn’t bat an eye at this challenge: is well-versed in FMS and CET as well as the school of ‘seriously kicking one’s….’, so he was able to accurately evaluate me to locate the problem spots and then develop a plan that is safe and effective that helped me rebuild some of those weaker areas of my body structure. I am able to get in an incredible workout, build muscle and protect my injuries at the same time. Jarrett also has extensive knowledge in nutrition and vitamin supplementation. These are essential components for any fitness regime.”

– Jennifer McCabe (NYU professor, actor, filmmaker)