Our Team

Jarrett Hahn CPT

Jarrett is a nationally recognized Certified Personal Trainer by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and World Instructor Training Schools (WITS).  Jarrett was the first training coach to be a certified StrongFirst (SFG) Kettlebell Instructor in Hoboken, NJ. He is a Certified Functional Strength Coach and FMS Level II certified through Functional Movement Systems. Jarrett also specializes in corrective exercise with extensive hands-on rehabilitation experience. With over 10 years of experience in rehabilitation, personal training, performance coaching, and nutrition, his advanced knowledge of functional anatomy, physiology and biomechanics has benefited hundreds of clients throughout the New York/New Jersey area.

“I continually educate myself to ensure I stay up to date on the most cutting edge research available in a constantly evolving industry. I habitually study books, view webinars and attend seminars with the leading coaches in the industry to better myself as a fitness professional. Obtaining many specialty certifications over the years has given me the opportunity to link the best scientifically based training systems and battle tested practices in order to deliver fast, safe, effective, and sustainable results”.

Michele Hahn

Michele HahnMichele is a nationally recognized Certified Personal Trainer and a Certified Nutritional Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

Michele’s background as a competitive athlete has been reflected in her desire to strive for optimal health and fitness. As a former Division 1 cheerleader and dancer for semi-professional football teams, she was trained in multiple dance forms  throughout her entire life.

“My personal goal is to maintain strength while sustaining the leanest possible body composition. Helping others reach their desired health and fitness goals has become my passion. No matter what your goal is I am confident that we can help guide you towards success.”